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Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. Mountainous, rural, extreme. Mayan

Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. Mountainous, rural, extreme. Mayan


Heading back down to Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala tomorrow to carry on the work with the Global Healthworks Foundation delivering medicine and health services to the locals of Mayan descent. Many of these families were affected by the atrocities of the civil war in the 80's, especially the genocide of the Mayan Indians  by the US-backed Guatemala government. Really a sad state of affairs. Our base is the Barbara Ford Peace Center, which was founded by and maintained by the Sisters of Charity of New York, and named after one of their nuns that was assassinated by the rebels after exposing to the international community the mass graves of the murdered innocent people. 

In addition to the post traumatic stress from those events, the locals are plagued with conditions stemming from drinking unclean and polluted water, food with little nutrition, and extreme living and working conditions. The many modalities of Chinese medicine - acupuncture, herbal remedies, moxibustion- are ideal and effective for treating these type of maladies.

It is an amazing site to see the hundreds upon hundreds of locals arriving in waves starting at the crack of dawn for treatment - many don't have any sort of access to health care whatsoever. This trip we will have about 22 practitioners specializing in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki energy medicine, bodywork, and movement exercises (qigong, yoga) to serve the community. 

First stop tomorrow is Antigua, Guatemala, then onto to the Quiche region. I'll try to keep up the blogging daily on the ground.