"Release the Dragon"

Hello and welcome to my newly designed website! For my first post, I thought I should explain a bit what is meant in the tagline, "release the dragon." In addition to personally having an affinity for dragons, the mythological beasts do figure prominently in ancient Chinese and Taoist philosophy. One of the associations of the dragon is its relation to Yang in the Yin-Yang dynamic as represented in the black and white circle where white (yang) morphs into black (yin) and vice-versa. Yang attributes relate to external (power), activity, heat, dry, daytime, masculine, sun, etc where its equally opposing force Yin relates to internal (power), rest, cool, wet, feminine, moon, etc. The dragon is yang, the (white) tiger is yin.

When I think of pain due to muscular tension, knotted up muscle tissue and stagnation of qi and blood from trauma and injuries, and overall stress and anxiety - I think of the external layers of the body needing to be released. You may have a dragon on your back and shoulders, and it is time to release the dragon, release the anxiety, release the stress, and release the pain...both physically and energetically

Now there are many forms of pain which can also arise from deficiencies in the body, but we will save that topic for another time and another beast. For now, we are talking dragons. Release your dragon with the 3,000 year old medicine of acupuncture and feel the relief.