M/Ac Teen Clinic Starting Monday Feb 6th, 2017

Our Sag Harbor M/Ac Teen Clinic is kicking off Monday, Feb 6th 4-6pm.

Acupuncture has been studied and proven effective for calming the nervous system down by balancing the body's energy currents, releasing endorphins, and improving functioning of the immune system. 
We are starting a free-of-charge clinic for our local teens experiencing stress and anxiety manifesting in many different ways: difficult concentration and focus, difficulty sleeping, abnormal digestive issues, mood swings, depression/emotional, fatigue, etc.

Mondays 4pm-6pm
Address: Menard Acupuncture 39 Division Street, 2nd Floor Rear Building
Session time: 30 minutes
Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. T-shirts or sleeves that can be pulled up past elbows; loose sweat pants or jeans that can be comfortably rolled up above the knees. (You can also change into gym shorts in a private dressing room if you prefer).

Release / Informed Consent for minors. Contact me at menardeast@gmail.com to have the release form emailed to you and to be signed by your parent or guardian. We must have this signed before treatment.

This will be a community style acupuncture clinic with multiple chairs in the room. The process will involve a short private intake of questions by me, then insertion of a few acupuncture needles in the upper and lower limbs, and each patient will listen to headphones with binaural beats music, a music technology that further relaxes the nervous system and puts the listener to a nice, relaxing Delta state. We will also be using essential oils in the treatment, for those that may be interested.

Our goal is to give you a small break in your day, feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The acupuncture needles are non-painful, and are disposable, one-use only.

If any teen or parent that has any questions, please call me at the office 631-899-4112, or email me menardeast@gmail.com.


Kevin Menard, LAc
Menard Acupuncure
Sag Harbor, NY