Spring 2018 Schedule

Sag Harbor Location

Mon   9 - 6 p
Tue    9 - 4 P, Teen Clinic 4-6P
Fri     1 - 6 P
Sat    9 - 1 P
Sun   Closed

New York Location

Wed  12 - 6:30p
Thu   12:30 - 6:30p


M/Ac Tune-Up (For existing patients only)

30 Minute Tune-UP Treatment. One-sided treatment (Front or Back). Includes Acupuncture only. In and out, solid treatment.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture® 
Modern Chinese Medical Acupuncture

M/Ac 1.0 for Basic Pain Condition (1 complaint)

60 minute treatment with acupuncture needles + electric muscle stimulation, cupping, tuina medical massage.
"1 Complaint" means that you have one thing that needs to be addressed, e.g., pain in lower back OR painful/injured elbow OR neck pain OR headaches, etc. For more complicated injuries with a combination of "complaints" or injuries, choose M/Ac 2.0.

M/Ac 2.0 for Complex Pain Conditions (2 or more complaints)

"2 or more complaints" means that you have several areas of the body that need to be treated, e.g., lower back pain, neck pain, AND injured elbow, etc.
90 Minute Treatment. Allows for more time for more assessments and addressing more body parts.
Also for those that want to spend more time chilling out with the needles listening to binaural music and going to lala land.